A General Guide to When Do I Prune?

Have you ever looked around your garden and noticed dead limbs in your trees and shrubs, overgrown, wild looking plants, shrubs that have outgrown their space, or simply grown awkward and ugly? I am sure you have, as this is a normal part of gardening. Many plants need a quick tidy up and some, you may think, need to be removed and replaced, but before you tear that plant out of your gardens consider a hard [...]

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Garden Gifts and Accessories

Very cool place! Liz has a great eye for ‘junk’ and design. Cannot wait to return and get hanging baskets, fairy garden stuff and more.

Nora K.

Amazing little shop. My wife and I passed through while visiting from Brooklyn, N.Y. and we can’t find half of the stuff we found here back in Brooklyn.

Nick from NY

We have been shopping here for plants for years. Staff is always very helpful. After this spring/summer rain we lost some of our veggie plants. I was so happy that they still had healthy not overgrown plants for sale. I was thrilled to be able to replace our plants.

Nancy M.