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Begonias grow to about 10 inches tall and are great for any shady garden or planter. Begonias provide many bright blooms all season long, usually red, pink, or white. These beautiful flowers prefer fertile, well-drained soil and are prone to over watering. Begonias are also a great replacement plant for impatiens that have fallen victim [...]

Proven Winners Summerific Rose Mallow Hibiscus

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This wonderful variety of hibiscus is a long-blooming, heat tolerant perennial that will surely brighten up any sunny garden. This particular variety of hibiscus is in the tall category and grows to about 48-60 inches high. The recommended spacing and spread for this big budded beauty is 48-60 inches. In addition to its 7-8 inch [...]

How-To: Upcycle with Planters

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General Info: The first thing you need to do is find a great container that will accent the space you wish to put it. It can be anything that you find laying around in your garage or attic, be creative! We will have some great examples directly from the greenhouse later on. If your planter [...]