Begonias grow to about 10 inches tall and are great for any shady garden or planter. Begonias provide many bright blooms all season long, usually red, pink, or white. These beautiful flowers prefer fertile, well-drained soil and are prone to over watering. Begonias are also a great replacement plant for impatiens that have fallen victim to downy mildew.

Downy mildew has recently affected impatiens in our area. There is not a lot to be done to protect your flowers besides making sure you do not buy any impatiens already infected. You can tell if a plant is infected by looking under its leaves, if it looks like it has been dusted with flour, steer clear of it! There are many great replacement options for impatiens, such as New Guinea impatiens (not affected by the mildew), torenia, and begonias. Visit for more information on downy mildew.