Before throwing out old cookware consider turning it into a Fairy garden!

Step #1 Select container, drill hole in bottom for good drainage

Step #2 Fill with high quality potting soil

Step #3 Select appropriate plants. I selected a mix of annual and perennials. This way some can come back next year and I can add new plants next year too. Keep in mind where the planter will be located at when it is done, such as sun or shade or even indoors. (as shown peter pan ivy, babies tears, irish moss and perennial mini cypress shrub.)

Step #4 Select the Design idea. Cute whimsy flower fairies? Barnyard fairies? Nautical Fairies? Woodland Scene or Dinosaur garden. Collect your accessories and add as many as you would like! (I chose a Barn theme)

Step #5 Start planting, be sure to space them out leaving plenty of space for growth.

Step #6 Water in your garden.

Step #7 Add pea gravel paths and patios.

Step # 8 Add accessories.

Step# 9 Place in the correct amount of sun and be sure to water and fertilize as needed.