There’s Still Time to Plant Your Veggies!!

There is still at least 140 days left to the growing season based on the most common last frost of the season being October 3. We have typically seen nice warm Octobers in the past few years and really a November frost more likely. It has been such a wet Spring that I know most gardeners are ready to throw in the towel, but don’t be discouraged there is still time.

We have a large selection of veggie flats to choose from! AND they look amazing! We grow multiple planting of veggies so we can offer our customers fresh crops of quality plants. We have 28 varieties of sweet, mild and hot peppers available including hard to find Ghost & Scorpion Peppers, We also have a nice selection of 47 varieties of Tomatoes including heirloom, cherry and large red. Complete your garden with cabbage, sweet potatoes, squash, beets, corn, kale and more! Flats of 12 paks are $13.99, or $1.69 for the individual pak of 2 or 3 plants. Most Veggies come in 3 paks but we offer squashes and other vining veggies in 2 paks. Call we questions or if you are looking for a specific varieties. 440-647-5480

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