Wintering Mums

Wintering a Hardy Mum

Most people think of mums as an annual but they could be a great perennial with the proper care .  First start with a very hardy mum, some are not as winter hardy has others. Get it planted in the ground as soon as possible allowing for it to develop roots to survive the winter. They need well-drained soil and plenty of sun. Mums need watered everyday while they are green and blooming. Once they receive a hard frost and have turned brown apply mulch to the ground to help it stay moist and insulated for the winter. If we have a dry cold winter, water on warm sunny days. Leave the stems on til spring then remove the mulch and trim back. If you decide to leave your mums on your porch until frost you can still winter them over by putting them in a garage or basement for the winter. Cut the stems back to a few inches high, place the pots on thick newspaper in an unheated spot. Make sure to check weekly for water and water as needed then plant them in the spring. While mums have no real good guarantee on coming back they do provide great seasonal color and many people have success with these tips!

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