Latest pansy hybrids at Hook’s

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Hook’s Greenhouse offers many
plants including vegetables,
annuals, perennials, shrubs, succulents
and many more. Some of
the early flowers there at the
greenhouse are the beautiful early
spring pansy hybrids. Some
favorites are CoolWave Pansies,
the Majestic Giant Pansies and
the Anytime Iris Pansiola.
The CoolWave Pansies are an
excellent season long bloomer.
They are great in containers baskets
and garden beds. They have a
spreading, trailing habit similar to
wave petunias. These flowers
need lots of sun—at least 6
hours. The shade will stretch
them out and reduce the amount
of flowers grown. To keep these
beautiful flowers blooming, apply
water to them almost every day
and fertilize every two weeks. If
temperatures are over 75 degrees,
water them every day to prevent
the soil from drying out.
The Majestic Giant Pansy is an
annual perennial. This pansy
varies in a lifespan from one year
to many years. They can grow up
to 6 inches or sometimes even 8
inches. They grow to be about 8
inches wide. These pansies
require protection in frost and low
temperatures. Majestic Giant Pansies
are adaptable to full sun or
partial shade, and they do not
require cool temperatures. As for
feeding and watering these plants,
as opposed to the CoolWave
Pansy, these flowers do not
require as much water and need
well-drained soil.
The Proven Selections Anytime
Iris Pansiola is a full- to part-sun
variety. They’re great for landscape
and container planting.
Deadheading is not necessary for
the pansiola viola. The Anytime
Iris Pansiola does best with regular
fertilizing to optimize its 6- to
10-inch height and will continue
to bloom from the time of planting
to hard frost.
Stop into the greenhouse and
check out early spring pansies,
violas and many other colorful
annuals! Hook’s Greenhouse is at
50740 state Route 18 in Brighton
Township just west of Wellington.
For more information, call (440)
647-5480 or visit www.hooks