We started with annual flambé yellow strawflower, annual euphorbia, perennial hydrangea, and perennial white mums. The supplies you will need are flowers, 20-22 gauge wire that is straight, floral tape, jute twine, and ribbon. You want to have five mum blooms to work with. One large, two medium, and two small. In the end, you can add more to fill in the sides. We started by wiring the flowers that will wilt. The only flower in this arrangement that can be wired are the mums. Wiring adds stability to the flowers as well as flexibility because the wire can bend the stem to be positioned. When you wire flowers, start with 20-22 gauge wire that is straight in about 5” sections. Make a small hook at the top of the wire that is about 1/2 inch long. Poke the long end into slightly off-center of the mum so that in the end the wire is in the center and not visible. Pull the wire until the top of the hook is touching the center of the mum. Pull the wire until it is not visible without destroying the mum. If petals start to fall out of the mum do not use it. Throw it away and get another one. Wiring flowers can take some practice so be patient. Once the wire is through the mum get your floral tape out and start wrapping the stem and wire. The stickiness of floral tape is activated by stretching. Start at the neck of the flower and lightly stretch the floral tape while wrapping the stem. This will also take some getting used to. After wiring the mums are done you can start making the corsage. Take a small mum and add some of your filler flowers. Keep the first bundle small. You can add a small leaf to the back of the mum for structure. Wrap all of the first bundle or “mini boutonniere” together with floral tape. Add a second mini boutonniere to the first one with a medium sized mum instead of a small. You can twist the stems together because of the wire. As you add stems, you can position the flowers to your liking. After the first medium mum, add the focal point of the corsage, in this case, the largest mum. After that, you add the second medium mum, and then the smallest, still making mini boutonnieres, and floral taping in between. Add the last bundle at an angle from the rest. In the end, you will bend this to finish off the arrangement. Wrap the stems of the corsage heavily if you can. You can add a bow at this point or just leave it plain. To make a wrist corsage, you cut a piece of any type of ribbon approximately 1” wide to about 12”. You can always cut it shorter, but its hard to make it longer. You can tie the ribbon on with either jute twine or thin ribbon. Gently thread the thin ribbon through the flowers at two equally distant parts of the stem of the corsage. Tie the thin ribbon that is around the flowers to the thick ribbon well, at least double knotting it. Your corsage is done! They take a lot of patience and effort but it is worth it!