Pansy baskets are the great for adding a quick splash of spring color anywhere! These versatile plants perform well planted in flower beds, transplanted to pots to decorate a porch or left as they are for cute Easter baskets. 

Pansies are cool weather favorites that produce colorful blooms in both Spring and Fall. These frost tolerant plants tend to get leggy in the heat of summer before rejuvenating in the cooler fall weather. Pansies require full to partial sun and perform best when shaded in the heat of the day. Regardless of where pansies are planted they require lots of water. Under watering is the main reason pansies fail. We recommend deadheading spent blooms encourages plants to continue to produce new blooms. We also recommend using an all purpose fertilizer to encourage vigorous growth. Pansies come in a wide range of colors, from deep purples to vibrant oranges, and can match any decor!

On top of all of that, pansy baskets make fantastic host/hostess gifts for Easter gatherings! We offer pansy baskets for $5.99. We also have pansies in hanging baskets and in colorful planters for $8.99. Stop by the greenhouse to check out our selection of pansies!