Are you ready to start planting this spring? Creeping phlox is ready too! Our Emerald Blue creeping phlox is acclimatized to outside temperatures and can be planted now! 

This spring blooming semi-evergreen perennial features pastel purple color blooms and makes a perfect border or filler between stepping stones. As its name implies, creeping phlox has a creeping habit which makes it the ideal ground cover plant.

Creeping phlox performs best in full sun and well draining moist soil, but it grows almost any soil, is deer resistant and can tolerate full sun to partial shade. We recommend planting creeping phlox at soil level and watering it until the plant gets established. Once established, creeping phlox only requires water in the heat of summer as needed. We also recommend cutting creeping phlox back after the first bloom to promote a second bloom and again in late winter to promote compact growth. Creeping phlox benefits from being divided every few years.

We offer creeping phlox in gallon pots for $10.99. Stop by the greenhouse to check out creeping phlox and our selection of perennials! Our staff are happy to help!