A big part of keeping trees healthy is choosing the appropriate tree for your space. The size, shape, spread and type of tree depend on what you are looking for and the space you have available.

Picking the Right Tree:

Space is one of the main factors to consider when picking out a tree. For example a large tree planted too close to a house or power lines will need pruning throughout its lifespan to keep it from damaging those structures. While a smaller tree could fit into the space without requiring any pruning. Keep in mind the space underground that trees take up too. Roots can cause damage to underground structures or create cracks in sidewalks and roots can be damaged by cultivation.

Every tree has its own particular environmental requirements. Matching the location the tree is planted in with the soil, light and moisture preferences of the tree is the key to success. For example river birches do well in boggy areas while other varieties of birch need moist well draining soil to thrive. By choosing the proper tree for the location you are setting the tree up for success. Additionally, If deer are common in your area you may need to protect young trees from grazing or choose a variety that is deer resistant. Young trees are particularly appetizing to deer and are not tall enough yet to be out of reach.

The final factor in choosing a tree is the goal you have in mind. Are you looking for trees that will have fall color or attract wildlife? Or you might be looking for a decorative ornamental tree, a large leafy shade

Proven Winners Hydrangea ‘Limelight’ is a beautiful tree form hydrangea.

tree, a sturdy windbreak or a prolific fruit tree. Keeping these factors in mind will help you find the tree that fits your needs and will thrive in your yard.

Tree Care:

After planting the tree it will require watering until it gets established. Also be sure to treat problems as soon as you see them to prevent them from getting out of control. This is particularly important for pests. Once an outbreak occurs it can be hard to get a handle on.

Here at Hook’s we offer a number of varieties of trees. If you have any questions about trees or other gardening questions our Garden Helpers are happy to help!