The season is just getting started and now is a great time to plant onions! We recommend planting onions early because they can handle a light frost an it is important to plant onions early because they have time to grow large tops and store up a lot of energy in their bulbs making for larger healthier bulbs at harvest time.

Onions prefer full sun and do best with nutrient rich and well drained soil. In general plant onions 1” deep and 4” apart, but if you plan to harvest some onions early for green onions you can get away with planting them 2” apart and harvesting every other onion for green onions. Onions have a shallow root system and dry out quickly as a result. Signs of underwatering are dry, cracked soil around the onions. An overwatered onion on the other hand will have yellowish, unhealthy foliage.


When the tops start to fall over you should stop watering and allow the onions/ground to dry out. Once the onion tops have turned yellow and have fallen over they are ready. Pull them out and let them dry in the sun for about two days. In order to avoid sun damage, lay the tops of one row of onions over the bulb of another row of onions while they dry. After the onions are dry trim the roots and tops. For the longest shelf life we recommend storing onions in a mesh bag and to keep the onions from touching by placing a plastic tie between onions. Hang these bags of onions in a cool airy place.


Here at Hook’s we carry a variety of onions. In flats we have Candy, Walla Walla, Superstar, White Evergreen Bunching, and Red onions for $1.69 a pack and $14.99 for a full flat. We also sell Red, White and Yellow onions in 100 count bags for $1.99. Candy, Candy Apple Red and Superstar onions are also available in bunches for $4.99.

Our staff are happy to answer any of your gardening questions and to help you pick out the best plants to fit your gardening needs!

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