Strawberry plants are easy to care for and produce delicious fruits! Strawberries are also perennials meaning that you can enjoy them year after year!

When it comes to picking out which strawberry variety to grow the first thing you need to know is that there are three different types of strawberries that produce at different times over the course of the season. June bearing strawberries produce one huge crop of strawberries over the course of a week or so in mid summer. Everbearing strawberries produce a large early crop, a smaller later crop and a few berries in between. Day-neutral strawberries produce some berries all season long. If you want to have fresh strawberries all season, we recommend picking an Everbearing or Day-neutral strawberry variety. If you are looking for the plants that will produce the most quantity of strawberries, then we recommend a June-bearing strawberry.

Strawberries need at least 6 hours of sun a day, but full sun produces the biggest yields. Strawberries can grow in most soils but they prefer well draining loamy soils with a high organic content. Be careful when planting strawberries to cover all of the roots but leave the crown uncovered. We recommend mulching strawberries to help retain moisture and prevent weeds. Strawberries need lots of water owing to their shallow root systems. We recommend watering them about 1” per week. Strawberry plants send out runners and develop daughter plants quickly. We recommend thinning out the daughter plants to a spacing of 10” between plants to prevent overcrowding. Strawberries will be ready to harvest approximately 4-6 weeks after blooming. We recommend harvesting red (ripe) strawberries with scissors to prevent damage to the plant. Strawberries can be enjoyed fresh or can be stored unwashed in the fridge for 3-5 days or whole in the freezer for up to 2 months.

Once the growing season is over, we recommend mowing strawberry plants to a height of about 1” and covering them with a 4” layer of straw, pine needles or other organic matter to protect from frosts. In the spring when the threat of frosts has passed, uncover the strawberry plants and get ready for another season of delicious juicy berries!

Here at Hook’s our strawberries are 2nd year seedlings, which means that they will produce berries this year! Our strawberries got an early start and are already blooming. Frosts can damage these delicate blooms and potentially harm this year’s crop of berries. We recommend keeping a close eye on the overnight temperatures and protecting strawberries if the temperature drops below 40 degrees F. We sell most of our strawberries in flats for 14.99 or you can get them individually for $1.69. However, the Proven Harvest Berried Treasure Red comes in 4.5” pots for $4.59. We carry a number of varieties of strawberries listed below:


Strawberry Varieties:

Proven Harvest Berried Treasure Red

White Carolina (Pineberry)

Ozark Beauty







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