Spring is here and grass is starting to take off. Here are a couple of Hook’s Tips to help get your lawn looking its best!

  1. In general, we recommend only bagging lawn clippings if  diseases or fungi problems are suspected. Leaving lawn clippings allows them to be a free compost and return nutrients to the soil. The one exception is if the grass is super long. The extra large clumps of lawn clippings from super long grass can kill the grass.
  2. Avoid mowing while the lawn is wet. Wet grass clumps together and can jam up your lawnmower. Also riding mowers can create unsightly ruts in the lawn if the ground is wet.
  3. If you’ve had problems with pests or fungi in the past try to apply a pesticide or fungicide one week before the problem occurred last year to prevent another outbreak.

Gypsum is a helpful soil additive. It removes salts from the soil, adds calcium without changing the soil pH, and can reverse aluminum toxicity in acidic soils. Lime is another common lawn care chemical. Lime is used to increase the soil’s pH. We sell pelletized Gypsum a 40 lbs bag for $7.99, and pelletized Lime for $6.99 a 40 lbs bag

Good luck with your lawns! Stop by Hook’s to check out our selection of landscaping perennials, shrubs and plant care products!