Hanging baskets are a great way to add instant color to a porch or garden.  They last longer than cut flowers and with proper care can last the whole season. Here are a few tips to pass along to help keep hanging baskets looking great all summer long. Picking the right plants for the right places set them up for success. Begonia, Fuchsia and Torenia make excellent choices for shady spots while Petunias, Million Bells and Verbena make excellent partial sun to full sun options. Fertilizing hanging baskets every 3rd watering with a water soluble fertilizer helps keep flowers beautiful and blooming all summer long. One way to make this time consuming process easier is to premix fertilizer in gallon jugs according to package. Then they are at the ready when it’s time to fertilize.

Also if your hanging baskets start to get a funky shape don’t be afraid to give it a trim. Be sure to protect your hanging baskets from a freeze, a frost, or a cold wind. The hanging baskets in our greenhouse are acclimatized to 40 degrees and will still need protection from these cold Ohio nights. We have tons of color combinations and thousands of 12” hanging baskets to choose from at Hook’s for $19.99!