Different types of plants, just like different types of people, thrive in different conditions. Some plants, such as the Hibiscus, prefer wet soil while others, such as succulents, prefer dry. A few notable plants that have specific soil preferences are succulents, cacti, orchids, blueberries and hibiscuses. Succulents and cacti are native to arid climates and require well draining soil and little water. In containers we recommend using Pro-mix Premium Cactus Mix or Pro-mix Organic Vegetable & Herb Mix. Similar to cacti, orchids require well draining soil, but they prefer a barky material. We recommend Pro-mix Premium Orchid Mix. Blueberries do best in well draining acidic soil. We recommend mixing native soil and peat moss in a 1 to 1 ratio. We offer Pro-Moss Peat Moss in a 1 cu ft compressed bale for $8.99 and in a 3.8 cu ft compressed bale for $19.99. Hibiscuses are great for tricky areas in gardens with poor drainage. These showy flowers love moist soil and do best when planted in areas where water pools after a rainstorm.



Good – Pro-mix Organic Vegetable & Herb Mix

Best – Pro-mix Premium Cactus Mix


Orchids – Pro-mix Premium Orchid Mix


Blueberries – Mix 1:1 ratio of native soil and Pro-Moss Peat Moss


Hibiscus – Prefers wet areas in the garden


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