What is a moon garden? A moon garden is a garden designed to be enjoyed in the moonlight and typically features white or light colored blooms, nighttime fragrances and are situated to be flooded with moonlight. Moon gardens can be enjoyed after work, in the dark, or as a romantic getaway in your own backyard.

The first step in planning a moon garden is figuring out the best location. The location largely depends on moonlight. We recommend paying attention to where moonlight falls in your garden during evening hours and place the moon garden accordingly. Another factor to consider in placement of a moon garden is accessibility. For example, a spot near a bench, patio or window would make the moon garden accessible and easy to enjoy while relaxing.

The next step is choosing which plants to include. Plants with flowers that open at night are perfect for moon gardens because you can enjoy their fragrance while they attract evening pollinators such as moths. White or light colored flowers shine in a moon garden by reflecting the moonlight. However, that’s not the only characteristic to look for in a moon garden plant. Plants that cast interesting shadows or have variegated, blue or silver foliage such as hostas, blue fescue or artemisias are interesting additions as well. These plants add texture and layers to the garden. The peaceful sounds of wind rustling through grass, bamboo or pine are other simple ways to create a romantic and relaxing space right at home.

The final step is getting creative with materials other than plants. Additional lighting other than moonlight can be used as striking accents in a moon garden. Some of our favorite lighting ideas include twinkling lights or battery powered paper lanterns in trees, spotlights to accentuate striking plants, and solar lights lining a pathway.

Reflective features such as pools, trickling water, and glass orbs are another creative way to spice up a moon garden. We love how water features create a peaceful ambiance with the melodic sounds of moving water and the occasional frog chirping. Additionally, bleached rock is another reflective material that can be used to create a textured border or pathway. Get creative and have fun with the many ways you can add a little moon lit magic to your backyard!

Here at Hook’s we have a number of moon garden worthy plants to get you started! Below are a list of plants we recommend:

Annuals and Perennials

Sweet alyssum


Astilbe (white varieties)

Campanula (white varieties)

Marguerite (white varieties)

Dianthus (white varieties)

Petunias (white varieties)

Geranium (white varieties)

Sedum Rock ‘N Grow Bundle of Joy

Lily (white varieties)

Lily of the Valley (white varieties)

Cone flower (white varieties)

Blue fescue


Dusty Miller

Stachys (Lamb’s Ears)

Hosta (variegated varieties)

Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’

Nicotiana (white varieties)




Buddleia (white varieties)

Deutzia (white varieties)

Dappled Willow

Hydrangea Bobo or Limelight

Rose (white varieties)

Spiraea (white varieties)


Mock orange



Clematis ‘Sweet Autumn’ or ‘Serious Black’

Mandevilla (white varieties)






Petitti Garden Centers – A Moon Garden information sheet