Patio tomatoes are a great way to get hassle free tomatoes. Patio tomatoes grow well and produce tomatoes in the pot they come in. No transplanting necessary! That being said, these tomatoes will do well if you do want to transplant them into a larger pot or into your garden for a head start on the growing season too.

Patio tomatoes are a fairly low maintenance plant, however, proper watering is the key to container gardening success. Patio tomatoes require watering more often than tomatoes in the garden. Keep an eye on them and check to see if they are dry by using a finger and sticking it into the soil up the second knuckle. If the soil is dry at your fingertip the plant needs water. Watering once a day may be necessary as the heat increases. Keep an eye on how much sunlight the patio tomato receives. Like all tomatoes, patio tomatoes prefer full sun conditions. However, the sun can burn fruits if watering doesn’t keep up with the plants needs. Lastly, we recommend using a liquid fertilizer once, when the fruits begin to form.

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