Echinacea is a stunning low maintenance perennial that comes in a wide range of colors. ‘PowWow Wildberry’ and ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ are some of our favorite varieties of echinaceas.

Echinacea ‘PowWow Wildberry’ have stunning purple-rose ray flowers around an orange brown cone that attract birds and butterflies to your garden.  These hardy plants are drought, deer, and poor soil tolerant making them an attractive low maintenance addition to any garden. ‘PowWow Wildberry’ blooms all summer with colorful 3-4″ blossoms that are perfect accents for gardens or for cut/dried flowers.

Echinacea ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ provides a gorgeous flowers in an array of warm colors including white, cream, red, pink, orange and yellow that are perfect as accents in a garden or as cut flowers. These stunning blooms last from summer until the first frost, attracting birds and butterflies. On top of its beauty, ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ is a hardy plant that tolerates heat, drought, deer and poor soil conditions making it one of our favorites here at Hook’s.

While both ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ and ‘PowWow Wildberry do best in full sun, they can tolerate part shade. ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ grows 20″ tall and requires spacing of 24″, while ‘PowWow Wildberry’ can grow 2-3’ tall and 1-1.5’ wide. We recommend dividing Echinacea once every 4 or so years to prevent overcrowding. Although Echinacea plants do not require deadheading, removal of spent flowers does encourage blooming and helps maintain a ‘clean’ look. Additionally, the seed heads of spent flowers attract birds such as goldfinches. These multicolored flowers make a stunning border, can be used in rock and part shade gardens, and look fabulous in groups.

You can get your Echinacea ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ and ‘PowWow Wildberry’ at Hook’s in two gallon pots for $12.99. Our staff are happy to assist you in any way!