Potpourris and sachets make wonderful gifts and can fill a room with amazing fragrance. There are three different types of potpourris or sachets, open potpourris and simmering potpourris. Sachets are an aromatic combination of dried herbs and flowers contained within a small pillow or cheesecloth bit typically placed in a drawer for fragrance. Potpourris are a mix of dried herbs and flowers either placed in a bowl as a fragrant centerpiece or simmered in a pot on the stove to release more of their aroma. Common herbs used in sachets are mint, thyme, rosemary, lavender, sage, dill and savory. Historically, potpourris and sachets were used to hide unpleasant smells that build up in houses or in clothes before modern cleaning products were invented or made readily available. Now a days, they are a fun way to fill your house with warm fragrance. Here is a sample combination to keep moths at bay!


Moth Chaser Sachet:

1 c rosemary leaves dried

1 c lavender blossoms dried

1 c cinnamon bark crushed

Mix well – makes 6 drawer sachets



Growing & Using Rosemary by Bertha Reppert

Growing & Using Lavender by Patti Barrett