Hardy Hibiscus (Rose Mallow) has an amazing tropical look but is hardy to zone 4. Hibiscus plants have breathtaking 12-18 inch blooms making them a striking addition to any garden. This easy maintenance plant attracts hummingbirds, butterflies and many other pollinators while deer typically leave it alone. These awesome perennials survive in wet soil and love full sun exposure.

Be sure to give them some elbow room as Hibiscus are large perennials that take up a lot of room. Even “dwarf” varieties grow at least 3 feet tall and wide, with standard-sized rose mallow growing 4-6 feet tall and wide. Hibiscus love hot, humid, sunny weather making the best place to plant a rose mallow is somewhere that receives sunshine all day long. Another key to successfully growing a perennial Hibiscus is consistent watering. Tricky spots where water sits are ideal for a Hibiscus although they will grow in other conditions if adequately watered.