Dear Valued Customers, Family, and Friends,

NOTE: Please see our updated hours on the home page

The growing concerns of COVID-19 have prompted Hook’s Greenhouse to take extra precautions to safeguard the health of our employees and others. We are implementing stronger measures at Hook’s that align to the CDC and our Governor’s guidance and are emphasizing good hygiene with an increased frequency of hand washing; sanitization of surfaces, shopping carts, and tools; and above all -reassuring employees that it is imperative to stay home if displaying any signs of sickness or feeling unwell.

Our plan was to have Grand Opening April 10th, however Charlie and I have decided to push back Grand Opening to April 16th and implement an “open via appointment only” or limit the number of customers in the greenhouse at a time method – in an attempt to keep a clean retail environment. The goal is to have a few customers in the greenhouse at a time to encourage the social distancing that is currently in place. The retail greenhouse is 20,000+ square feet and can accommodate customers with appropriate distances while also providing a safe and calm oasis-like environment.

A new interim service we will also be offering is a text ahead and shop feature for curbside delivery right to your vehicle. More details to come on this service. Hook’s is also putting together fairy garden planter kits and ready-to-go plants for sale soon – provided we are not restricted from doing business in any way – to keep you busy at home during these uncertain times. To those wondering what their gardens will look like come planting time, we have got you covered with our large vegetable selections as usual – they are growing and will be ready in our normal Ohio growing season. Tomatoes and peppers still do not like cold feet therefore they will be ready mid to late April. While waiting for in-ground planting goodies, we will have lots of patio and container planting options – look on social media and our website for pictures of options soon!

We have always valued the advice from our customers and encourage connecting with us via email or social media on ways to better serve you. Hook’s Greenhouse strives to serve our community and we know that gardening, flowers, and plants in general help to reduce stress and ease anxiety. Hook’s has seen the positive effects of gardening throughout our 19 years in business, and we want to continue supporting our hometown in keeping our families, friends, employees, and valued customers healthy and safe.

Charlie and I encourage you and your families to take this time to enjoy your backyards and play in the dirt! Weed, rake, swing on swings and listen to the birds to reconnect with nature and all the wonderful things Spring will bring to Ohio. “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” is one of my favorite quotes from the infamous Audrey Hepburn. Remember that we will get through this challenging time and enjoy picnics and backyard parties again when it’s safe to do so.

Please keep in contact with us through social media, text, email, and phone calls. We will keep posting happy flower pictures for all to enjoy and hope to see everyone in due time at the green-house.

Stay safe and healthy my friends.

Liz Hook

Greenhouse text and order.