Hook’s Tips

Starting your potatoes.

Seed potatoes are grown specifically for starting new plants. They are usually smaller in size than you may find in the grocery store and have not been treated with a growth inhibitor (meant to stop or slow sprouting).

Here’s How:

You can Chit your potatoes about two to three weeks ahead of outside planting to give them a better start. This speeds up the process of growing to full production. To do this, allow potatoes to sit either on egg cartons or spread out so they are not touching. Place in sunny warm location to speed this process. Once the eyes sprout, your potato is ready to plant.

Cut into sections, leaving one or two eyes per piece. (Two are recommended in case one sprout doesn’t grow well).
Set sections in a well ventilated area for about two days to heal-over cut edges. This will help protect potato from rotting in the ground.
Plant sprout side up, 6″ deep and 12″ apart, about 2 weeks before danger of last frost. This will give slow growing potatoes time to form strong roots before sprouting up through soil. Water.
Mound dirt when plants are 8-10″ tall. Rule of thumb is to mound dirt to about half the height of the stem.