Liz and daughter Katie

Liz and Henry

As many of you know Liz Hook wears MANY hats: co-owner of Hooks Greenhouse, master gardener, friend, daughter, community relations, a shoulder to cry on, cook, wife, teacher and one of her favorite hats MOTHER.

Liz wears all these hats in a way many of us couldn’t. She runs a greenhouse and gift shop with her husband while simultaneously answering dozens of employee questions, being a full-time mom and teacher to her home-schooled children and does it with all her heart and a smile on her face for everyone she sees.

She is her kid’s world and you can see the love they have for her every time they seek out her hugs and cuddles. Liz (to her constant joy) allows her children to adopt critters such as goats, dogs, cats, tad poles, toads and frogs, gerbils, guinea pigs and even an isopod (pill bug) to encourage their love of nature and animals, so I think we can add zoo keeper to her list of hats!

And while she loves each hat, she has she would set every single hat aside except the mommy hat if she ever had to and THAT is something that we all adore about her.