As Robert Frost wrote in 1914 in his poem Mending Walls “Good fences make good neighbors”.
Even if you love your neighbors, you probably don’t want to see everything that goes on in their yard or the other way around. A privacy fence has an impersonal look and may make it seem as though you are not neighborly. But a living wall of shrubs creates privacy in a beautiful way. In addition to creating some privacy,, seeing a row of lovely shrubs and flowers may also please your neighbors. Not only will your living wall create privacy and block out noise, it also defines your property lines, cuts down on the wind and can provide food and shelter for birds and other wildlife.

Hedges create a good foundation for a garden as well. A wall of Arborvitaes (which is Latin for tree of life) such as emerald Green or Green Giants will give you color even in the winter! Putting some boxwoods in front of your living wall creates depth and makes a create a great back drop for your annual and perennials which makes those colors pop!

If you are looking for options other then an Arborvitae, ‘Limelight’ Hydrangea reaches 6-8 feet tall and provides great privacy if you only need that privacy for warm weather. Not only do they get full and tall but they have huge beautiful blooms that turn a soft pink in the fall!

Be sure to check with local authorities on zoning to see how far off the boundary lines you need to be for your new amazing living wall.

Arborvitae – Emerald Green, Green Giant (height and width)
Lime Light Hydrangea
Box wood for depth