With the world getting more crowded us humans we are shutting more and more wild life out. Planting a wild garden brings food and shelter to our little critters that need nature to survive! Bonus is it creates a peaceful happy place for us! You can be formal in your planting or let it go wild and free! Both have its own type of beauty and bring a sense of peace to your yard and benefits the birds, butteries, bees and so many more critters!

We have a number of plants that are both beautiful AND beneficial to supporting our local wild life!

Create Your Own Wild Garden

Here are some suggested plants to add to your garden or use to create your own wild garden:

  • Service berry -birds
  • Weigela – hummingbirds and butterfly
  • Ornamental Grasses make great areas for bugs providing food for birds
  • Northern Sea Oats – have a great seed on top for birds to feed from
  • Bee balm
  • Milk weed -monarch butterfly caterpillars (only food source for the Caterpillar)
  • Echinacea – bees, butterfly and wasp winter seeds for birds
  • Butterfly – bush butterflies
  • Lilacs – hummingbirds, butterflies and other pollinators


Photo credits for the butterflies and bee to Cynthia Dunfee