Why should you mulch?

Mulching around established trees and flower beds can help in reducing weeds while protecting roots close to the surface, as well as adding a clean and organized look to your yard.

How to apply

It is best to mulch before a rain when the soil beneath is damp. You will want to spread your mulch in an even layer between one and three inches deep. You want to avoid layering deeper than three inches to prevent mold and rot. Try to mulch during a time that will allow it to bake the dye into the wood through natural sun light and heat, as well as absorb and generate enough heat to combat mold and fungus growth.

To keep your flower beds looking fresh, you will want to turn, or mix, the mulch multiple times a year to promote proper air flow and reduce the compacting of it on your flower bed

It is important to remember not to mulch too close to tree trunks and perennial stems because it could constrict the necessary air flow to those parts of your plants.

Mold. What causes it and how to treat it.

Mold and fungus spores are not uncommon in mulched areas. Without air circulation and the right amount of moisture, bad bacteria can thrive and grow. To help keep mold at bay, we at Hook’s recommend turning your mulch regularly to allow consistent air flow. It is also important to keep your mulch moist, as it aids in the growth of good bacteria that will deter and kill forming fungus spores.

How much mulch do you need?

One cubic yard of mulch will cover approximately:

            160sq. ft @ 2 inches deep

            106sq. ft @ 3 inches deep

Square footage is determined by length × width. A flower bed 20’ long and 5’ deep would need roughly 1cu. yard of mulch.

To easily find out how much mulch you need for your flower beds, you can use the Mulch Calculator on the Smith Bros. Inc website.

Locally sourced from Medina, Ohio, Smith Bros. Timber Ridge Mulch is a wood mulch that we sell here at Hook’s Greenhouse, in black and light brown. Compared to bark-based mulches, this processed wood mulch takes longer to break down. When correctly cared for, the color of your mulch should stay vibrant throughout the season!

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Happy Planting!