Trends in Gardening, What’s Popping?
What’s the latest scoop this Spring? We hear Lime and Fuchsia and everything bold! Large flowers and prints, anything Neon is in this Spring!!

Is Hook’s Digging Into This Trend?
We sure are! It’s just too fun to pass up! Come and see! Check out our newly renovated gift shop that embraces BOLD colors, Crafted Faux Flowers, and Wild Prints!
We have a whole new section of these cool trends with a typical Hook twist, and we just cannot wait to share it all with you!! To some, this look will look and feel so familiar! If not you, chances are you know someone who was around in the 70’s that can surely clue you in! Their face may brighten with a smile, as their mind travels back with the eye-catching combos of bright, bold colors and bold designs laid out before them! Expect to see some very cool DIY Faux Flowers and DIY Yard Art that will brighten your space great or small!

Plants To Consider That Fit The Trend
Lime Sweet Potato Vine
Lime Coleus
Fuchsia Petunia Vista
Itsy Petunia
Yellow Bidens
Yellow Daisy Annual
Yellow and Purple Zinnias
Indigo Petunia

Some Fun Ideas Worth Digging Into

• Live flowers with spray painted add ins
• Old statues & pots due for a spruce up
• Bright color outdoor cushions with flowers
• Painted furniture
Think outside the box with brightly colored aprons. Use brightly painted dressers for storing garden tools and seed storage with clip-on name tags. Bright and bold picture frames and chicken wire for hanging small tools.

More Trends: Whimsical Cottagecore Aesthetics In The Garden?
Cottagecore or Grandma Core Style has been a tough design concept for me to wrap my head around. I think that’s because it’s a concept most gardeners already love to live. Cottagecore is an idea of bringing Grandma’s Garden prints and vintage nature into your home, all while adopting a lifestyle of connecting with nature and slowing down.
I have always loved the idea of vintage prints. Birds and flowers, nuts and seeds painted or sketched in detail provide plenty of reason to be framed.

Clothing designed with tiny, ditsy prints of flowers have always been a favorite in our boutique. In fact, floral designs are what got our boutique off the ground! The Hooks and Crew wanted clothing comfortable to garden with a nice plant-related theme.

We’re always looking for fun pieces to add to the gardener’s wardrobe! Vintage style clothing like florals, gingham plaid with some neutral tones, and of course straw hats to complete the outfit and help keep you cool!

Cottagecore pulls in Grandma’s favorite comfy décor. Just picture crocheted blankets in the many shades of nature.
Old fashioned house plants of Philodendrons, falling all over the window held up by an old macramé of natural twine. Add in some needle point pillows in soft colors

 of baby blue, sage green and yellows. Woodland animals like baby ducks, squirrels or bunnies. Books on shelves with some beautifully pressed flowers and Picnic baskets fit right into Grandma’s Cottagecore theme. Wicker baskets and ball jars filled with spices and herbs; earthy-colored linens can help spruce up your summer porch with flair. I can almost smell Grandma’s bread baking just picturing this in my mind, can you?


Flowers To Fit The Décor
Mini Zinnias, Bright colored Peonies, Calendula, Wildflowers, Strawberries, Butterfly Bush, and Lavender. Cut flowers to dry and bring inside. Zinnias, Pansies, Climbing Roses, Sage, Delphiniums, Hydrangeas, Petunia, Cosmos, Baby’s Breath, Snapdragons, Daffodils, Salvia, Dahlias, Tulips, Foxglove, Phlox, Daisies, Iris and of course Bleeding Hearts.

Retro Gardening
Use Retro pieces to add uniqueness to houseplant gardening.
Find some of Grandma’s faithful plants that are faithful but forgotten.
o Lime Coleus
o Orange Marigolds
o Yellow and Red Zinnias
Picture old gardening and don’t forget Pottery!

From the 70’s:
Brown pots, orange flowers
Greens, yellows, large flowers
Wicker hanging plants with gold chains, dainty flowers.

From the 80’s:
Bright colors, pinks, mismatched checkers, neon, plastics
Roller skates and cassettes
Geometric shapes, squiggle lines, stars, lightning bolts, and bowling pins.
Rainbows, bling, music notes, pink

Have fun and Happy Planting!

-Liz Hook