Larger Potatoes, No Problem…. Chit Them!

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Hook’s Tips Starting your potatoes. Seed potatoes are grown specifically for starting new plants. They are usually smaller in size than you may find in the grocery store and have not been treated with a growth inhibitor (meant to stop or slow sprouting). Here’s How: You can Chit your potatoes about two to three weeks [...]

How It All Started

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My husband, Charlie Hook, first got into the greenhouse business when he was 14 and started working at Thome Farms Greenhouse. While he was in high school, he and his family started selling plants in their front yard. The business quickly expanded from a roadside stand to a multiple greenhouse production. Later they bought the [...]

Spring Pruning Tips

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Spring is the perfect time to do a little pruning to get back into the swing of gardening. Every perennial is different and each variety has its own optimal pruning schedule. Therefore it is important to know the timing and type of pruning each plant needs to get the best results. That being said, there [...]